Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Dude, I am so spent. I want to go back to being productive. Working on everybody else's stuff and seeing it unfinished is not as rewarding as sending my own babies out unfinished. As much as I love helping out other people I have been really inspired lately because I went to fabrics-r-us and also found out about Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors. I wish I could be starting work on those costumes right now or just at AX. Being my first time at the con I don't even care what I wear but I brought 4 costumes anyway so I guess I am wearing those. Meh. At this point I will be fine just wearing Leeron for the contest.

Also, everyone was talking about why we cosplay when it is so stressful and the only product is a costume. It doesn't seem worth it at all. For some reason we all do it. Just something to think about in the near future I guess.