Monday, April 19, 2010


I have always debated whether or not I want to cosplay as Howl from the ever so delicious Miyazaki film, Howl's Moving Castle. For the last year or so I decided I didn't want to but now I really want to , and here's why:

Howl is a very popular costume but I am always bored by the people who do it. The costumes itself, I'll admit, is a tad bit boring, but people make is so much worse. I looked at some cosplay pictures and I wanted to throw up a little bit. What don't people understand about high waisted skinny black pants HIGH waisted! SKINNY! *sigh* oh cosplayers. Also, I have a big issue with body type. If you are a girl you are just not suited for Howl. Sure, he is effeminate, but he does not have hips or breasts. And for anime standards his face isn't actually that effeminate. I think I am much better suited to do this costume. /cosplayrant Anyway, I would want to take this costume and do something more with it. I think this is where my intense love of fabric selection would be handy. Imagine the same Howl but with really fancy looking fabric. The effect would be so amazing! It would give the costume the magic that is deserves.

That being said, I actually have 3 costumes that I would consider doing. The first is the standard "Howl before Sophie effs up his hair" costume. With this costume, I much prefer his blond hair. Also, I don't know what happens in the movie but somehow his bangs get shorter. I hate the shorter bangs. I would do them like this:

Second, I would love to do the disguise uniform that he wears, just not with the King's red hair and mustache. Its so cool, green, and could be so beautiful with more detailed fabric and notions.

Third, I would really enjoy doing the costume in the final moments of the film. Its such a happy ending costume that reminds me of Disney princes. Also, if someone would like to do the Sophie costume from this part I would totally help them make it!!!!!

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  1. DO IT!!! I support you, especially since: you love green, so the 2nd picture would be amazing; and you need to show the noobs how it's done. BOO YA

    and yeah i should be writing my paper right now... ugh...


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