Sunday, May 23, 2010

I feel the need...

I must blog. Its been too long (like 2 weeks lol). First I must say, I am relieved of schoolwork and stressed caused from my semester! I got all my grades and ended up with three As and two Bs!!! I was so glad because I expected the Bs to be Cs. =(

ANYWAY! I am in the middle of working on costumes for Fanime and things aren't going exactly as I planned. I am messing up and doing things wrong all over the place. I thought I would be able to do Brera better than anyone but it is just not happening like that. The flawlessness I imagined in my head just isn't there. Spandex and serging is not very forgiving under such a time constraint. However, I will finish it, and it will look hella tight. I am just nervous about the possibility of people seeing my penis. It is going to be very close to the edge of the garment. eep! lol.

Leeron needs to be finished tomorrow so I can stop thinking about it entirely. I really need to pack for home and finish myy not done costumes like Brera and not started costumes like Sousuke. *sigh* must continue working all day tomorrow! I will style a wig and finish 90% of sewing on Leeron!

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