Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My thoughts leading up to Fanime.

Oh geez. It has been a crazy couple of days trying to get my stuff done and thinking about cosplay and everything. I just can't seem to get really excited about my costumes right now. I was really excited to remake parts of Leeron but now that its in progress and looking basically the same as how it did before I am getting really discouraged and feeling like its been in vain. I am only wearing Leeron for Friday of Fanime and I doubt I will wear it to a con ever again. It has been fun but its one of my most tiring costumes. The heels, the make up , the bodysuit. its so much work to wear and for what? Attention? I get plenty of attention already and I know I am one of the best Leeron cosplayers out there. Why do I feel the need to flaunt it for a second year in a row. Whatever. It still needs to get done.

Brera is agonizing right now. I am so afraid of it coming out something different than I want it to be. I am still having the problem with recreation of the same effect. Brera is supposed to be flawless cause he is a cyborg. I won't be flawless. I am just a cosplayer. I can't do everything perfectly with the funds and resources I have. grrr. I should not have decided to use spandex. I should have pulled a Jimmy and made the whole thing out of pleather. lol. then it would be cool.

Sousuke isn't started yet. I am excited to cosplay with Nathalie though and I probably won't wear this many times so it doesn't have to be that good. I have a great shoot lined up with Oscar C and I am confident the three of us will get some great photos if we work together.

I'm not stressed about Volbeat. It feels good to already have a costume done. I am mostly wearing it so I don't have to be in heels all day. =)

My child, Julia Wawawa, decided to shop me all of the pretty costumes from Dynasty Warriors yesterday and I think I almost have a cosplay type. Its a little harder with guys because the characters don't always fit into the roles that women do (i.e. the slutty one, the bubbly cute one, the diva, etc.). I really like a lot of costumes with bodysuits and like I said in my previous posts I am going for a magic/adventure/structure sort of feel. I think my newest additions to my planned cosplays demonstrates this well.

Isn't it kind of magical/adventure-y?

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  1. I love it :D i feel like you could get some real sport pads for football or something and cover them with fabric for the shoulders. do it!!


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