Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This post pertains more to my individual style of thought rather than cosplay.

A few months ago I bought a pocket sized Moleskine ruled notebook. I love it. I have such random lists going in there. I have a random list of thing that I think help define American culture and another list of pokemon in Diamond and Pearl that give different effort values. It is no where near full and I am excited every time I write something else in it. Anyway, the most important purpose I think it serves is to get thoughts out of my head. Tonight I was trying to read in the library and all I could think about was ideas for an experimental photoshoot I want to do in my Volbeat cosplay. I could focus on my reading at all and so I pulled out my Moleskine from my backpack and wrote down my ideas and started a new page for other photoshoot ideas. Once it was on paper I felt relieved that I would not forget it and therefore my brain could get back into Grotowski's method of actor training (soo strange btw). I love not having a cluttered brain, Thank you Moleskine.

(Post-its are also very beneficial when used in conjunction with a Moleskine. They make great temporary additions to lists and whatnot.)

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