Saturday, February 27, 2010

dividing my time

At aod I had an amazing time on Sunday just taking photos. my cosplay on Saturday was great but I was so tired on Sunday so i just didn't wear a costume. I got to be Julia's (bubydub's) pack mule and therefore had access to her camera. In the evening we had the most wonderful shoot in the dark. Here are some of my favorite shots of her in her Yuna costume:

I am not at all an expert on photography, but those look really good, right?! Shooting cosplayers has actually always been something I like to do at conventions. Even in 2007 I shot My friend Rosie in her Anthy Himemiya costume. some of the pictures were so amazing. Even in 2006 I was taking great cosplay pictures. Rosie and I were bored at JTAF4 and so we decided to take a few pictures around the Peace Pagoda. She in her Hinata costume and Me in my Kiba. Here's two of the pictures I took:

They aren't as good at the Yuna ones but I still think they are cool.

So, my point is that I love to photograph cosplayers almost as much as I like to cosplay myself. I am thinking that when I get older (maybe in like 5 years or something) I am going to divide my con time into cosplaying and shooting. I have a lot of really complicated costumes I want to do later (I just have to get a lot of costumes out of the way first). I think what I will want to do is to go to a lot of conventions and debut a new complicated costume at every one or every other one. I'll wear my costume for a day and then the other days or in my spare time I will just shoot. I am really liking this plan. Hit me up in 5 years if you want a free photoshoot!

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  1. Very cool Tim! Can't wait to see more from you :)


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