Saturday, January 8, 2011

I feel better today!

So I felt really overwhelmed yesterday, thinking about the amount of work I had to do and how I think I am going to have no time at all, but I really am going to have time. I only have to take one of my classes this semester for a letter grade so I will try in the other but if i happen to have to miss a few readings it'll be no biggie.

Also, I thought back to Anime Expo when I won the ACP Gurren Lagann contest. That was such an amazing feeling and it was just with my Leeron costume. Its not even up to my current standards of craftsmanship! I can do so much better now and I will. People told me my cosplay of Leeron really brought the character to life for them. A friend even said that during the second movie screening people cheered loudest for Leeron. She speculated that it was because of their newfound love for everybody's favorite tranny! If I can make people love all of the characters I cosplay like I apparently did for Leeron I will be a super happy camper. I just have to keep that goal in sight!

What do you guys think about this? A friend of mine is doing mermaid melody cosplay and I want to do it with her but there are basically only 2 guys in the series. Kaito the goody guy and Gaito, his evil twin brother. Both costumes are cool and neither present any problems that I won't be able to handle. Which should I do first?

or Gaito?


  1. Be the evil one.

  2. ojii i am thinking kaito =)

  3. Evil one! I like it when you're dark and mysterious. ;)


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