Friday, January 21, 2011

Road to aod: Day 2


Today i didn't do much either but I began cutting out my mock-up for my underpants. I am altering Simplicity pattern 3707 and using a black lycra knit. The idea is that it should be super comfortable since It will be touching my skin.

I also learned how to use my new old serger. It is basically brand new but from the ninties or something. The instructional video was really helpful but the lady on it looked like a supernintiesstickupherass kinda girl. She wore a scarf while sewing and made cute little kids clothes with sweatshirt fabric. It was a good time.

I am still having trouble getting adjusted to my daily schedule. I should really utilize this weekend to get everything in order. I am free basically all afternoon tomorrow so I should make significant progress on my pants. They really aren't that hard. I can probably finish them if I try hard enough.

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